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Get Your Fax Straight

Electronic fax services bring outdated faxing technologies up to today’s computer and mobile caliber. Our Smart e-Fax eliminates the need for a fax machine and a separate telephone line by pushing incoming faxes directly to email in Portable Document Format (PDF).

As an Internet-based fax solution, this allows you to unleash an all-new way of innovativebusiness faxing, both incoming and outgoing.

Advantages of TELPEER NETWORKS’s virtual fax include unprecedented mobility with a clear-cut web interface accessible by any computer worldwide, and the simultaneity of multiple incoming or outgoing faxes even with the computer turned off.
Save on paper and toner costs, while increasing the rate of positive fax delivery and ensuring absolute confidentiality of faxed

Give to the environment and receive in return. Go green without going blue in the face.