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Make the Right Call

Plain Old Telephone Service lines, or POTS, are the standard analog phone lines used since the introduction of mass telephone circuitry. These lines are hardwired to your business office, and can then be connected to a standard phone, or bundled and connected to your in-house PBX system.

TELPEER NETWORKS offers a wide range of POTS service packages for you to choose from, all of which include options for metered calling, unlimited local/regional, unlimited USA and/or Canada, and Unlimited USA and respected international calling.

Our high-volume contracts with the nation’s leading providers help us forward the discounted rates to your business. In addition, we offer revolving monthly maintenance packages to ensure you are always easily accessible. Should any problem arise with your office phones, one of our technicians would be dispatched to your offices immediately to perform integrity tests of your internal connections and wiring.