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Digital-Age Dependable

Our most reliable Internet service uniquely suited for smaller businesses. DSL,the acronym for Digital Subscriber Line, is a highly cost-effective alternative to more expensive Ethernet and Fiber Optic services. With only a single, compact modem to install, upgrading to TELPEER NETWORKS’s DSL is an extremely breezy affair handled by a technician in just a few short minutes.

Powered by Verizon, America’s household name in high-speed Internet, our DSL let’s you surf the web at strongly improved access speeds both at the office and on the go. With complimentary access to thousands of Verizon hotspots, make full use of the best Wi-Fi network in the nation. You can even talk and surf at the same time by adding DSL Internet to your existing phone service. Enjoy a unique combination of broadband access, services and content in a variety of plan structures designed to fit your telecommunications budget.